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Compose a 500 words assignment on micro-finance in bangladesh. Needs to be plagiarism free! The roles mentioned in the table apply for the various stakeholders irrespective of their personal causes. Their contribution is likely to be accounted for in case of default.

The project manager would ensure the direct coordination of the stakeholders for this project to consult and recommend strategies beneficial for the micro-credit program (Meredith, 2005). The project manager also takes care of the swift flow of the funds to the borrowers and their timely recovery for investment purpose. The innovative strategies on their part would be to ensure that all such plans reach the government level to the ministers with the coordination of the health ministry. Such plans would take a swift pass for quickening the process of better availability of the funds to the borrowers with better and affordable types of repayment schemes.

The information is prepared for the overall management and governance of the project. The various authorities are enrolled for this project to describe their position of influence and membership for the project.

This analysis and information are targeted at all the stakeholders who would like to review the strategies for the project at any point in time. The analysis would serve as a stage to determine the betterment of policies for the project. It would not only serve as reports but also gain borrowers confidence in the long run.


Hannelen (2007).&nbsp.


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