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Write 5 pages with APA style on Local Beaches. Years later when I got married, my husband, who is from Virginia Beach, introduced me to the region where he grew up. I discovered that Virginia is a conservative state. The Virginia Beach area has a large military the&nbsp.presence, and conservative family values such as the ‘proper’ role of women in the home and church attendance are dominant. Virginia Beach, which is 35 miles of waterfront property, has three different beaches within the city. They are the Chesapeake Bay of the&nbsp.Virginia, Virginia Beach Resort area and Sandbridge. By comparing the beaches of my childhood with the beaches of my husband’s childhood, I was able to get a better sense of place and the type of people who might enjoy each location. The beaches of Virginia all have their own distinct personality. The section of Virginia Beach called the Chesapeake Bay area is for the person who is looking for tranquility and a more relaxed atmosphere. It is calmer, quieter and more laid back than many of the party beaches you see on TV. The traditional beach activities such as swimming, building sand castles, strolling along the beach and playing volleyball or throwing a football around are all a part of this scene. The Virginia Beach Resort area consists of a three mile concrete boardwalk. It has hotels, a few outdoor cafes and novelty shops. In addition, on the boardwalk there are roller-bladers, bikers, live music and street performers. There are many special events held here throughout the whole year.


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