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Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic How to Break the Rules of the University. In my view the student cannot provide an explanation for such an act and he would have to be reported to the university officials for this act. In that particular course he would be given a zero with a warning that if such a case occurs again he would never be able to give the course again.

In an attempt to inform the student about plagiarism I would provide him with all the information revolving around the aspects of plagiarism. I would tell him that plagiarism is a dishonest act because it does not let an individual think but rather takes away his abilities to think. The person who copies does not even know what he is doing because of this act. It does not show the instructor the capabilities that one student possesses. The student can be told as to how is he being dishonest to his fellow students who are giving their full when it comes to completing assignments.

The student would be informed about all the aspects which revolve around academic dishonesty so that such an act is not repeated. The student would be told about copyright infringement, falsehood and assistance without the permission of the instructor. All these are acts of dishonesty which are an attempt to change the course of assignments. If these acts of dishonesty are not recognized the student following them can gain higher marks than his peers who have worked hard with the truth. Hence it can be said that these acts of dishonesty are unjust to others.


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