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Most consumers and many in the industry do not know how delivery drivers are employed or remunerated. It may be eye-opening. Labor relations, legislation, unions, and wage issues are taking the spotlight as these jobs are becoming a crucial part of the supply chain.

Module 2: Week 1 Discussion Background Readings

Leaked Memos Show Instacart is Running a Union-Busting Campaign (2020)

How Much Does Instacart Pay? Find the New Instacart Pay Structure Here (2020)

Instacart Shoppers Plan a Series of Actions in Protest of Company’s Wage Practices (2019)

Factbox: California’s Gig Worker Law Could Sting ‘Last Mile’ Delivery (2019)

9 Postmates Tips to Earn More on Your Next Shift (2019)

7 Ways to Make More as an Amazon Flex Driver (2019)

Six Tips for Attracting (and Keeping) Distribution Labor (2019)

Amazon Flex Drivers Are Using Bots to Cheat Their Way to Getting More Work (2020)


Use this week’s background readings to understand the human resource implications of last mile delivery workers. Add at least one other recent resource for the post:

  • Provide guidance on the legal ramifications of last mile delivery.
  • Based on research, provide information on the two most critical human resource issues facing last mile delivery.
  • Using the resource beyond this week’s readings, provide real-world media coverage of last mile delivery and how it is portrayed. (The article should be less than two years old.)


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