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Choose one of the following scenarios and describe how you would deal with it. Support your answer with information from the assigned reading for this week.  Remember…writing counts!

1. Consistent inappropriate behavior

Amanda is constantly disrupting class.  She talks loudly to others while you are teaching.  She flirts with the boys who sit on either side of her, distracting them from their work.  She passes notes and sighs and coughs loudly when you are giving instructions. You decide to use the five-step intervention process in this situation.  Describe how you would use it and delineate its advantages and disadvantages.

2. Consistency

You’ve been thinking about your procedures for managing student talk.  You realize that your students aren’t following the expected procedure, which is to raise their hands and receive permission before speaking.  You recognize the fact that the reason is probably from your own inconsistency.  What might cause this type of inconsistency? What are your options for handling this situation?

Include examples from the textbook and cite your sources in APA format to provide evidence of the reading assignments each week

Required Textbook: 

Emmer, E. T., & Everton, C.M., (2021).  Classroom management for middle and high school

            Teachers, 11th edition.  Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.

The First Days of School by Harry K. Wong and Rosemary Wong (New Fifth Edition – 2018).  No other edition is acceptable for this course.


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