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Explain, apply and analyze the following concepts to the organization assigned to you:

  • Unit 1: Organization design
  • Unit 2: Organizational Strategy
  • Unit 3: Organizational structure

                                            I.            Mechanistic and Organic organizations

                                          II.            Learning Vs traditional organizations

                                        III.            Vertical vs horizontal communications.

  • Unit 3: The External Environment

7.      External environment (General environment & task environment). Apply only 1 general environment and 1 task environment factors to the organization.

  • Unit 4: Interorganizational Relationships
  • Unit 5: Manufacturing and Service Technologies

9.      Describe the services and or tangible products that your organization provides then state whether you consider this organization a manufacturing organization, a service organization, or a mix of both and why?

10.  Describe the Core Technology (Transformation) Process for the assigned organization.

11.  Explain the Interdependence and Management Implications (Reciprocal, sequential or pooled) to the selected group project company.

  • Unit 7: Organizational Culture

12.  Give 1 example of a social capital activity that the organization is involved in. And what is your analysis of the possible impact of this activity?


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