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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Library Project. .

For this project, I will evaluate whether there is a difference in age of the books in this two libraries. In case of significant difference in the ages of the books, I will then determine which library has older books. If there is no significant difference in the age of the books in the two libraries, then each library receives equal funding. To determine whether there is a difference in age, I will conduct a paired sample t-test.

Evidently, the t computed is greater than the t-tabulated. Consequently, we hence reject the null hypothesis. Therefore, we assert the alternative hypothesis that there is a significant difference in the ages of the collections from the two libraries.

For Ramstein library, the median is less than the mean. According to Stockburger (2014), if the sample mean is greater than the media then the data is positively skewed. Thus, Ramstein library data is positively skewed. This can be interpreted to mean that more data is found on the upper side of the table. Thus, most books in Ramstein library have the copyright of recent years.

The boxplot above shows that the data is negatively skewed. This is justified by the fact that mean is less than the median. This can be interpreted to mean that there are more old books in Vogelweh library.

From the extensive analysis and interpretation of the presented data, I recommend that KMC funds Vogelweh library as it contains the highest number of old books.


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