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Unit 7 Assignment 


Internet marketing practices have raised a number of ethical and legal questions. Some direct marketers have been accused of taking unfair advantage of buyers. Fraudulent schemes such as investment scams and phone charity collections have grown exponentially over the past few years. 

Your company is conducting a seminar to inform employees about Internet security and privacy concerns at your firm. You have been asked to create a flyer, pamphlet, or brochure advertising the seminar. Your goal is to entice employees to attend this seminar so be creative!


Items to include in your flyer: 

1) The event name. Include a catchy slogan. 

2) The main topics covered in the seminar including privacy concerns, Internet security issues, ethical concerns associated with online marketing at your company, why employees should attend, what they will get out of it, how it will help them at their job, etc. 

3) The event information (time, date, location, etc.). 


• References are not required for this assignment but if you use resources from another source, you need to include them in your flyer.

 • How to Design a Flyer in Word 2016, 2013, 2010, or 365 (online): 

o In Word, open the File tab and select New from the menu. 

o Under the search bar, select Flyers. …

 o Browse through the free flyer templates Word displays, until you find a design you like. 

o Click on it, then click Create.


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