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Need an research paper on critical analysis of (current practice in project managementan empirical study by diana white & joyce fortune). Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. The paper was aimed to throw comprehensive light on the causes for disparity between the objectives defined by the managerial techniques and the results obtained. For this purpose, the writer focussed this paper on the data and results of a contemporary survey which was planned“to capture the `real world’ experiences of project managers” aiming at finding out the level“to which those involved in the management of projects actually make use of the methods and techniques that are available and how effective the methods and techniques used are felt to be” (White &amp. Fortune, 2004).


The paper aimed at explaining the disparity between the objectives and conclusions reported in the contemporary survey planned to observe the real-life active participation of project managers. The survey was conducted with the help of questionnaires which were referred to 995 Project Managers. However, the response rate was mere 23.7%.The chief activity in the questionnaire was the description of a recent project and the factors influential on its conclusive outcomes. The emphasis was laid on the extent to which these influential factors modify the project outcomes and the researcher has directed the respondents to relate them with the available tools and techniques used in the methodology for a specific project management.


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