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Write 5 pages with APA style on You need to be born an entrepreneur. With this backgrounder information, it is true that ‘You need to be born an entrepreneur. ‘The word ‘born’ here does not mean that one needs to take birth in a rich family of an industrialist. A ‘born’ entrepreneur may fail but a self-made entrepreneur will not fail. Meaning, he has the grit, the determination to convert his failures into success. If he fails, he will learn from that experience and will fare better in his subsequent assignments.&nbsp. The element of risk is his eternal companion and most of his risk-taking decisions will fructify in his favour. He is aware of the risk factor attached to his every dream, and he is confident of challenging those obstacles.

Since he has the capacity to think out of the box, he knows about the future projections about his existing plans. He is the supreme manager, yet he is well-versed in the science of ergonomics and has the innate capacity to find proper men for the proper jobs. He knows the art of delegation of responsibilities to take the best out of his employees. Each employee under him may be a better genius and is working under him not because you are more intelligent than him, but because you are placed in better circumstances and he is not. A born entrepreneur may be a specialist in a selected subject or he may be a versatile personality capable of extending into several fields, for he knows that the basics of success are the same and they are applicable to all types of situations.


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