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– Subject: Internet Marketing

– The recommended material for the assignment (please include all of these in the citations on the assignment):

  • Integrating Online and Offline Strategies (3rd Edition) – 978-1133625902 (ONLY CHAPTERS 8 & 9 FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT). File attached.

– The assignment should follow the APA Guidelines.

– Answer the following essay questions:

1. How do search strategies differ for mobile devices? What are the trends in usage for mobile searches?

2. Why is local search likely to be important in the future? What other trends are likely in organic and paid search?

3. How do the steps in developing an SMM strategy differ from those you have seen in other aspects of marketing, for example, developing a brand marketing plan or an advertising campaign strategy?

4. Why do you think some managers are resistant to the idea of engaging in social media marketing? What are their likely opinions in this area and how do the facts differ from these opinions held by many older managers? What could you do or say to convince your reluctant boss that SMM could be a good idea in a specific business setting? How could you leverage your argument through high credibility information sources? Give one example of an established company that uses social media marketing effectively.

5. Why do paid and natural search work so well together? Cite an example of your own experience where both a paid and natural search were beneficial to your consumer research.


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