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Compare or contrast the coverage of a major news story by two different news media stations, or articles. The topic is up to you, so select something that interests you.You will be considering what details have been emphasized , biased, or left out by the stations, so be careful to use clips from the same news cycle. (It would not be valid to compare the reporting of a story by one station the day after the reporting by the other station, since new information could have been collected in the meantime.)I suggest that you access videos of the story on the stations’ websites so you can view them multiple times and pause to take notes. Can you reach any conclusions about the possible approaches the two stations take that differ?This topic can use either the point by point or block organization. (See the lecture on comparison/contrast essay in module three.) The website, is an excellent source for you to gather your research, and will enable you to read about both sides of an issue.

Possible Topics: The current Covid-19 pandemic would be an excellent topic to use for this assignment. You may also want to consider other timely and controversial topics such as: global warming and climate change, food deserts and the need for Community Supported Agriculture, online education versus on-ground education, the intersection of social media and surveillance, the legalization of medical marijuana, gun control, social movements such as #Black Lives Matter, #MeToo. Please select a topic that is meaningful to you.


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