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I need a response or feedback on the below Answer:

Question: After implementing your capstone, you will have an opportunity to conduct a post-assessment and evaluate the success of the project. Before getting the results, what do you expect to learn from the post-assessment? Do you feel your capstone project was successful? What could you have done differently or improved upon?

Answer: After the pre-assessment survey is conducted a post-assessment survey helps us to evaluate our own teaching, looking for trends in what we did and did not communicate well to our students. Post-assessments help us to target students who will need to review material before they are able to take on new courses of study. The benefit of this post-assessment is to help us identify pre-existing knowledge in the Bridge Program and what was obtained in the pre-assessment. The data can assist professors or instructors when establishing the same ability groups for small group work in the program (2021). This can help guide lesson content and delivery, which in return helps with the ever-increasing pressure to collect data on the learning journey of your students who will eventually transition into the Organizational Management program. I do believe that this pre-assessment and post-assessment should have been implemented early on at the very beginning of the program being put in place.


Stearns, C. (2021). Post-Assessment Activities. Study.Com.


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