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Discussion 1: 250 words atleast

In light of this week’s reading in Schein, cite and discuss and least two concepts that would improve your own leadership efforts within your organizational setting. As you do so, cite a specific leadership challenge or opportunity, and then apply the categories from the book.


Discussion 2 : 250 words each

After reading the assigned chapters from Bolman and Deal, analyze your own organization in light of the symbolic frame, paying particular attention to the assumptions of this frame.


Discussion 3: 250 words each

After reading Schein, cite and discuss at least two approaches to cultural diagnosis that would be particularly helpful in your organizational context.


discussion 4 : 250 words each

In light of your reading of Patterson et al. (Chapters 7 and 8), discuss at least two concepts that you found particularly insightful and/or useful in an organizational setting. After listing a concept (via a quotation and/or paraphrase), explain and/or illustrate the concept in more detail and, more importantly, discuss its relevancy in one or more of your past or present organizational settings using concrete examples.


4 replies 75 words each


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