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Create a Book Inventory React App


You are the IT specialist assigned to work on a project which will be deployed to a local warehouse of books. As such your task is to deploy a micro app which can easily keep track of all the books your company currently has in its warehouse.


– No database will be needed for the project. To store your data you can use context for this or any similar state management system

– User can ADD a new book, DELETE a book currently in record, UPDATE an existing book, and READ the details of any book currently in the system

– User can search for books to view based on its Title


– Title

– Author

– Published

– Publisher

– Date added

– Data modified


– Default USER is: lilypichu

– PASSWORD: pass123


– If you wish to store your data persistently (meaming does not get reset), I recommend the use of Local Storage which is common for cases like this one. You can read more about Local Storage here: https:// Zip the entire project folder EXCEPT the node_modules/ folder

– Test your zip file checking if it unzips properly

– Do not include any large source files in your submission (PSD, RAW, etc.)


– You  can use either functional or class components as necessary

– You can use any 3rd party packages as long as they do not do any of the items in the REQUIREMENTS section

– A CSS framework is encouraged


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