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Unit 2 Assignment 2 Teams Key Assessment CLO #6

As the HIM director, you serve on the strategic planning committee. The committee has asked you to select one of the following topics and create a subcommittee to study the effects and future effects of the topic on the HIM department and the facility. You are to report back to the strategic planning committee with your findings.

The topics that they have suggested are:

  1. CAC
  2. OIG work plan
  3. Hospital acquired conditions
  4. Coding compliance
  5. Healthcare quality and patient safety
  • Identify your topic and in 300 words explain why the topic is important to strategic planning.
  • Identify and list at least 9 additional members (10 including yourself) to serve on the subcommittee. Think about other departments that may be affected by this topic.
  • Explain why each member was selected for the committee. Each committee member should have at least a 50 word explanation. (Don’t forget your role – Validate all 10 committee members)
  • Submit your topic summary, committee member listing, and validation for each member for grading. At least one reference should be used.

Assignment Objectives:

  • Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor Degree
    1. Domain VI. Leadership
    2. Subdomain VI.A Leadership Roles
    3. Section 6. Build effective teams
    4. Competencies: Team/consensus building

Assignment Purpose: 

To build and effective team.


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