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Objective: to assess students’ ability to analyze complex historical sources and materials and reach conclusions based on interpretations of those materials. 


  • Please answer ONE of the following questions as coherently and completely as possible.
  • Develop a clear thesis supported by evidence primarily from the assigned primary sources using MLA in-text citations (Links to an external site.).
  • Length requirement: 500-750 words
  • Course material only, no outside sources for this assignment.
  • Additional formatting guidelines:
    • Please include your name and class information
    • No title needed BUT please indicate which number you are answering
    • 12-point font, double space
    • Works Cited Page unnecessary
    • Acceptable file extension include: .pdf and .docx

1-[Power and Authority]: The primary source material “Life of Themistocles (Links to an external site.)” and “Renaissance Princes” both relate some aspects of political power and authority, especially how it is or should be portrayed to those over whom they have authority. How do these sources portray an individual’s or community’s relationship to political power? Is there something about the relationship between those with power to those they have authority over that remained constant in these portrayals?

  • Choose only ONE of the authors in the “Renaissance Prince (Links to an external site.)” collection: Machiavelli OR Erasmus OR Castiglione


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