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your final project, you will be required to research, gather information and use it to prepare a report that has been requested by your supervisor. The report will be used to make a decision in purchasing new equipment. They are asking you to research some basic information that will help them weigh the pros/cons of equipment against being offered by competing medical equipment manufacturers.

**Note: This project has been designed to allow me to test your ability to follow directions, execute research, and review your documentation skills in action. To accomplish this you will need to find all of the required information on your own by the given due date.

Final Project – Step 1:

– Step 2:

  1. After you choose your equipment, begin your research by locating the following to include with your final submission:
  2. Service manual AND User/Operator manuals for your units
  3. Find out how long the manufacturers will be supporting the units.
  4. Find at least 2x other 3rd party companies that can service/repair/sell parts for each of your units.
  5. Find the 3x most common problems with the device that is repaired by the manufacturers OR 3x of the most common 3rd party repair services and their respective pricing.
  6. You are given full discretion on the format and length of the final report, prepare your submission however you see fit.

Step 3:

  1. Submit your writeup by uploading a PDF, Word file (preferred), or by pasting it into the assignment


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