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Java/Web Developer Project

Feature Request App

Build a web application that allows the user to manage “feature requests”.

A “feature request” is a request for a new feature that will be added onto an existing piece of software. Assume that the user is an employee at WCF who would be entering this information after having some correspondence with a client that is requesting the feature. The necessary fields are:

  • Title: A short, descriptive name of the feature request.
  • Description: A long description of the feature request.
  • Client: A selection list of clients (use “Client A”, “Client B”, “Client C”)
  • Client Priority: The feature’s priority number according to the client (1…n). Client Priority numbers should not repeat for the given client, so if a priority is set on a new feature as “1”, then all other feature requests for that client should be adjusted.
  • Target Date: The date that the client is hoping to have the feature.
  • Product Area: A selection list of product areas (use ‘Policies’, ‘Billing’, ‘Claims’, ‘Reports’)

Tech Stack

The following are the tools our team favors. They are preferred, but not required, for this project.

  • Java 8
  • Spring Boot
  • JPA/Hibernate
  • Angular


Build your own public repo on github, and call it whatever you like. Build your solution in your repo, and include a file that contains the detailed instructions for running your web app.


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