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Part 1 

Discuss the change in the Border Protection Philosophy after September 11th. Give one relative example! 

150 words

Part 2 

Discuss the importance of border security for vehicles at the border and ships in ports. Give a detailed example for each!

300 words

Part 3 

 Can the police and community be truly effective in forming a partnership to reduce juvenile delinquency? Discuss the role of the juvenile police officer in preventing and investigating juvenile crime. 

150 words

Part 4 

The term discretion is often defined as selective decision making by police and others in the juvenile justice system who are faced with alternative modes of action. Discuss some of the factors affecting the discretion of the police when dealing with juvenile offenders. Be sure to use chapter 12 as your primary resource for your response. 

In order to receive full credit write at least 3 well developed paragraphs (BE SURE TO SUMMARIZE INFORMATION IN YOUR OWN WORDS–DO NOT COPY AND PASTE; ONLY 3 LINES OR LESS OF A DIRECT QUOTE) 

Part 5 

Much of law practice is sheer drudgery, yet the law and lawyers have been and are greatly attractive topics for artists in the humanities — film, TV, books, etc.  Why is that?  What explains that anomaly?

In what ways do TV and film capture lawyers and the legal process well?  That is, what aspects of lawyers and what parts of the legal process do TV and film tend to capture/depict accurately?

300 words


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