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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic relationship between the traditional media and social media1332.

As the discussion declares most research on media has mainly focused on which of the two forms of media is the best to use while communicating, advertising, or marketing. However, today more emphases need put in identifying the best way in which both forms of media can be utilized to achieve even a much effective communication tool. With the popularity and the low cost of using social media it is obvious that social media would be the most preference means of communication.

According to the essay findings understanding the relationship between the traditional media and social media will give better insight on the role social media played in the green revaluation in the Arabic world.

Similarities between the two forms of media exceed the differences. The most common aspect between the two forms of media is the need to plan. Planning involves coming up with the right information, disseminating it to the right audience and producing the intended reaction. Secondly, planning also entails evaluating and employing the right and effective channels. Effectives in media, greatly relies on the simplicity and clarity of the message, as well as, the channel used to pass the message.

It is, therefore, important to learn what best suits your potential customer, before deciding the form of media to use. Similar to a good plan, the result achieved when using any of the two forms can be quantified.


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