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Write a 8 pages paper on the benefits of social media. From the discussion it is clear that with the popularity of digital media, consumers of most products and services have developed an easy flair with the use of social media. This line of consumer behaviour whereby most consumers spend greater parts of their lives on social media gives marketers an obligation of channelling their marketing through the social media. This is a course that has been extensively justified in this report. The report takes a look at the benefits of social media from a marketing perspective. Also, the impact of social media in cost saving marketing and viral spreading of content of marketing have also been emphasised in detail.

This study highlights that the dominant role that digital media and for that matter the internet plays in modern business engagements. The digital media and the internet have become avenues for the promotion of both globalisation and competitiveness among modern businesses. This is a fact that cannot be denied, given the extent to which organisations of different outlook depend on digital media and the internet at large to execute business functions. The impact of digital media on modern business was the fact that digital media fits almost every aspect of business engagement in a typical modern organisation. With this said, the current report seeks to single out marketing as an aspect of business engagement to look at how digital media influences marketing in any typical modern organisational setup.


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