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Based on ideas from your text, categorize each child below in regard to sociometric status. Discuss intervention strategies you might use with each child in order to enhance social participation. Reference your answers from information in the text with page numbers.

1. Six-year-old Erik never plays with other children. He is frequently observed wandering by himself on the playground. He appears to be “in his own world” at these times, thinking and twirling his hair with his fingers. Sometimes he talks to himself or makes noises, as if he is enacting an entire fantasy play episode in his head. He will bump into other children; he is extremely unaware.

2. Four-year-old Susan is very aggressive. She can play cooperatively with others, but suddenly commits violent outbursts. She hits, pushes, and screams on these occasions. These episodes are usually not provoked.

3. Five-year-old Jeremy is an extremely quiet child who chooses to play alone on most occasions. He has no close friends in the class, though his parents report that he does play regularly with a neighbor child. He is very prosocial in his brief interactions with peers and gets along well with adults.

4. Seven-year-old Sara is a loner. She shows no interest in peers; she rarely even watches them as they play around her. She wanders a lot and does not persist in play activities. When others enter her play space, she reacts angrily and often lashes out with physical violence.



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