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Create a 1 page page paper that discusses charming but alarming. Despite good looks charms, Henry was very hardworking and industrious and he did everything to construct a bright future. Every woman around him in his former workplace treated him nicely yet seductively, they tried every means to win him over. Henry was in his office when Alice, boss’s wife came into his room, she dressed to kill in a red tightly fitted dress.

She stood there in front of his desk staring right into Henry’s eyes. Henry inhaled. He clearly knew what the woman was all after and the thought of it terrified him to his bones. He lit a cigarette to try and ease the tension that had started to build up. A chemical smolders build in his lungs, somewhat stinging the raw flesh of his body, through his throat to his nose making his eyes water. Exhaling into the dark room Alice was still there standing plotting on how to trick this man into her fantasy. After a while, they chatted about all sorts of things and the relationship between them started to blossom gradually. That day was the beginning of their clandestine relationship. They began to meet often for dinner and would occasionally spend the night at restaurants without the knowledge of anyone who knew them. However, as time went by, the husband, the boss, began suspecting the two after observing some of the behaviors the two showed towards each other. He decided to hire a private investigator to look into the matter well.&nbsp. &nbsp.



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