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This assignment requires you to use the information you found in a few of your articles (the ones from your Annotated Bibliography) and write a 500-515-word paper on what you have found so far. (515 is the max!)

*Please review the handy Sample Paper that I am attaching to the Week 4 email! It will also be in the Doc Sharing Tab on the course shell.

**You only need to discuss a few issues, not all 6! A 500-word paper is not very long, so you might only need to discuss 2 or 3 issues.

*The Cover page will be page 1 in your document

*The Literature Review will begin on page 2 and go through page 3

*The Reference page will be page 4

*The Reference page will be a list of ALL the articles from the Annotated Bibliography that you use for this paper – which might only be 2 or 3 sources – but this time they need to be in “typical” APA Format (see example on last page!)

*Your paper should be 500-515 words; no more, no less!

This 500-word requirement includes the Cover page and Reference page!

**Please make sure to Double-space everywhere in the paper.

Never use all caps anywhere in the paper.

Please check for spelling and punctuation errors.

Use normal-sized font (12-point). Use either Times New Roman or Arial for all papers.

You will need to cite a minimum of 2 times in your paper (refer to Sample Paper for examples!)


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