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It is a busy month and you are on the last week with a heavy workload left of PMs (preventative maintenance) to perform and you receive a call from the NICU (neonate intensive care unit) about a broken radiant warmer. It is an urgent call because there have been many births and there are no spare radiant warmers available so this one must be fixed right away. Upon examining the warmer, you pop the back panel off to expose the circuitry and find that a Molex connector had come loose and was not delivering power from the power supply block to the mainboard of the unit. After firmly reseating the connection you replace the back panel and power the unit on to do a quick PM in order to verify that it is working properly and that it is safe for patient use. The unit passed all functional tests with flying colors, however, while performing the PM you notice that there was a slight flicker every few minutes on the display of the unit where the temperature and timer are shown. The NICU nurse who made the call sees that you have finished testing the unit and approaches you asking if the unit is fixed and ready to be put back into service to be used on a newborn infant.

  1. Read and Analyze the scenario.
  2. For your initial post, let us know what you would do in this situation.
    • Would you sign off the incubator as ‘mission ready and capable’? (explain why or why not)
    • In a dialog format (using your own words), let us how you would explain the situation to the NICU nurse.


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