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**** Instructions: Please read the attached file before start writing. TITLE: create a title for your collective review.

  1. BIBLIOGRAPHIC ENTRY: Complete citation (reference) for book
  2. SUMMARY: 5-6 sentences summarizing what the book is about, generally.
  3. REVIEW: A review of the book from a Disability Studies perspective (2-3 pages in length).

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the author’s positionality?
  2. How does this positionality impact, influence, or shape the author’s subject matter? Provide evidence for your reasoning.
  3. Who is the target audience? Provide evidence for your reasoning.
  4. In what ways (if at all) does this book inform nondisabled people about disability?
  5. In what ways does this book reinforce or promote the diversity framework of disability? Provide evidence (e.g., examples from the book) that supports your claim.
  6. In what ways does this book change your thinking about disability? Provide evidence (e.g., examples from the book) that supports your claim. Go beyond in your thinking; I don’t want “I really liked or did not like the book, because…”. I want to know how it changed your thinking about disability in terms of learning something that you did not know before.)
  7. Based on your answers to Questions 5 and 6, would this be a book you would assign in a disability studies course? Explain your reasoning.
  8. More generally, would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not?


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