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Complete 15 pages APA formatted article: Underachievement in Boys. This report declares that the teachers cannot perform well without complete cooperation from the educational institutions and the parents. The schools should involve parents in motivating and helping their boys with any kind of difficulty. Any kind of support at home, especially by the father, is always important for the boys.

This paper makes a conclusion that a lot of research has been done on the topic of underachievement in boys. Ignoring other factors masculinity has been held responsible for this problem. Although it is true that compared to girls the performance level of boys is not good but by blaming masculinity the society, educational institutions and the government are running away from their responsibilities. The problem of masculinity is not a new one. The modern society discredits the masculine values that were once considered a man’s virtue. In its place feminine values have been encouraged which has given more opportunities to women in the economic sector. The educational institutions are failing to accept their responsibilities and once again blame masculinity for underachievement in boys. The government although encourages education and qualification for economic success has not been able to provide more job opportunities for the people. All these factors contribute towards underachievement in boys. It is necessary to change the teaching styles and materials rather than changing the culture of masculinity.


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