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I will pay for the following article Entamoeba Polecki. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The trophozoites size generally ranges between 12 -18 µm and are mostly spherical in shape. When trophozoites are stained, its nucleus with a small karyosome is visible. The chromatin on the periphery is often seen to be distributed in form of granules. Its motility is identical to that of E.coli.

This parasite resides in the intestine of humans and completes its life cycle within the host. This parasite has two stages- cyst and trophozoites. When the host ingests matured cysts accidentally the cysts enter the intestinal path of the host. The uninucleated host undergoes maturation and it exists within the intestine to release trophozoites. The trophozoites that are released migrate gradually to the large intestine. Trophozoites now undergo simple binary fission to form more cysts. Both cysts and trophozoites are passed out along with feces. Cysts are found in normal stool while trophozoites are found in diarrheal stool.

The main cause of infection is ingestion of the cysts. Even though both trophozoites and cysts are excreted out along with feces it is the cysts which are able to survive in hard and unfavorable conditions owing to the presence of a protected wall. On the other hand, trophozoites barely survive once they are excreted out of the body and even if they are ingested before they die the acidity of the stomach kills them.


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