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Using figure 9.2, what critical life events have changed or focused your perspective in a way that builds you as a more authentic leader?

2. Complete Case Study 9.3 on pages 216 – 219.

3. Take the Leadership Instrument on pages 220 – 221. State your scores and interpret the meaning of your results.

4. a. Using the characteristics of servant leadership from the text chapter, which person in your most recent work team is more “servant-like “and why?

b. Noting the discussion on culture in your text, do you believe the culture of the organization where you work/recently worked is supportive of a servant leader philosophy?

5. Complete Case Study 10.3 on pages 248 – 249 and the questions that follow it.

6. Complete the Leadership Assessment on pages 250 -252. Report and analyze your results.

7. Adaptive leadership is currently referenced as the “leadership theory of our time.” Explain why you think this is so.

8. Consider how the federal government response to the Coronavirus might have been better solved using adaptive theory. Describe the 3 adaptive leadership behaviors below with some details as to what you would have coached our federal leaders to do.

a. Get on the Balcony

b. Regulate Distress

c. Protect Leadership Voices from Below

9. Complete Case Study 11.1 on pages 277 – 279.

10. Complete the Adaptive Leadership Questionnaire on pages 284-289.

11. What are your recent leadership ah-ha’s since your last journal?


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