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Part 1 

The student will discuss three Middle Eastern terrorist organizations. Give two real-life examples and discuss their motivations and terror tactics

150 words

Part 2

Discuss the three classifications of domestic terrorism. Give one real-life example for each!

250-300 words

Part 3

1. What are gender differences? (see chapter 6)

2. In what ways are females treated differently in the juvenile justice system? (see chapter 6)

3. If you were given the opportunity to alter the juvenile justice system so that girls were treated more equally, how would you do so?

150 words

Part 4

What are some of the ethical rules that figure prominently in the storyline of Code of Ethics?  How, and how well, does attorney Chuck Hastleton handle those ethical codes?  How does the client Shane Werkheiser manipulate those ethical rules to his advantage?

250 words

Part 5 

6A.  Why do mental health professionals (and others) have a difficult time predicting whether someone, even a person they know well, will commit dangerous acts?  (What does the research reveal?) 

6B.  Do you believe the insanity verdict should be abolished or replaced with another type of verdict, like the guilty-but-mentally-ill verdict? Why or why not?

6C. Do you believe that psychiatric patients who wander city streets mumbling to themselves and living in cardboard boxes should be hospitalized against their will? Why or why not?

200 words


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