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Write a 12 pages paper on analyse relations of power among actors in a supply chain of your choice. A supply chain involves all processes that receive and fulfill the customer request. The functions of a supply chain include marketing, operation, product development, distribution, customer service and finance. This paper seeks to analyze the relations of power among actors in the Wal-Mart supply chain. The success of a business lies in the management of the actors involved in the supply chain. This results in the achievement of improved value to consumers. The most profound challenge in a supply chain is the challenge of wastage. The Wal-Mart supply chain is committed to deliver exceptional value to customers. The management of the supply chain is committed to constructing an efficient and responsive supply chain by harmonizing the relations of power among the actors within it. The market place develops a competition of supply chains (Sehgal 2011). The strategic approach to the supply chain is to ensure the activities within the players are harmonized. The strategic approach to Wal-Mart supply chain The company has invested in core-competences among the players in the supply chain. Wal-Mart is estimated to have 90, 000 suppliers. About 200 of them are global suppliers e.g. Nestle, Kraft, Unilever and P&amp.G. The actors of the supply chain face competition when passing value to the consumers (Dicker 2005). The companies are expected to deliberate on their role in the Wal-Mart supply chain.


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