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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on internal analysis on mr empanada restaurant Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Its vision as a restaurant is to exceed all the expectations of its clients while also giving back to the company that has supported it. According to its vision, Mr. Empanada will soon make its special delicacies as well known by the American public as hamburgers and pizza (Mr. Empanada). Product/services Identification The main food products created by the Mr. Empanada restaurant are empanadas. Empanadas are actually fried or baked stuffed pastries. They are a Spanish delicacy that has been adopted in many nations due to their delicious taste. It is believed that the Empanada recipe was originally developed in the Middle East but was carried to Spanish Europe by tourists and travelers. Today, Empanadas can be found in almost all nations of the world. with each culture using its preferred stuffing or altering the recipe to suit local tastes. Customer Identification One of the reasons why Mr. Empanada is so successful is because it puts such a high premium on providing the very best for its customers (Yang and Fu 117). For example, Mr. Empanada often tries to implement the advice that is given in customer reviews when seeking to improve its services. It views customer feedback as a way through which to gauge the popularity of its products and service with its best customers. VALUE CHAIN OF MR. EMPANADA’S RESTAURANT Inbound Logistics Mr.


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