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Provide a 3 pages analysis while answering the following question: Mass Murderer. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. When looking at the case of Charles Manson, one could begin to list a myriad of reasons for his crimes, starting all the way at the beginning of his life. Even in his younger years, Manson was subjected to crime, and went in and out of several different protection camps until he was finally sent to the National Training Schools for Boys in Washington D.C. His turn to crime can be traced back to his unstable family life, his mother was a drunk and he may never have known his real father. He lived between family members, and even at one time in his life was sold by his mother so she could get some alcohol. His uncle had to go take him back, and thus began Manson’s movement in and out of family homes, as well as the prison and rehabilitation crimes schools he would go in and out of for the next years of his life.

Manson’s life of crime only continued, as his criminal behavior in jail kept him in prison until March 21, 1967. Upon his release then, he had spent less than his thirty two years in various prisons across the country. However, for Manson, his worst crimes were still yet to come. They could easily be foreshadowed by his previous record of crime and unwillingness to cope with the law. If one simply was to glance at this past record, it is not a surprise that Manson turned out the way that he did.


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