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Classroom Management EDU536

Choose one of the two writing assignments.  Be sure to include the number (1 or 2) and title of your choice.  To receive the maximum number of points, answers must be thorough and reflect graduate quality writing. Upload to CANVAS  in this week’s module.  Use the Rubric provided in CANVAS. 

1: Revisiting Rules 

Here are some rules that have been posted in real classrooms.  Knowing what you know about writing effective rules, revise each one.  Try to identify the root behavior the rule is intended to cover, rewrite each one to address the desired behavior, and then demonstrate characteristics of effective rules.

a) Be a team player.

b) Do not talk during class.

c) Learn and have fun!

2: Managing Student Accountability

Mrs. Mayer is a new teacher at your school.  She comes to you one afternoon and says, “I’ve got to figure out a better plan for keeping up with all this paperwork.  I have so much grading to do – it is hard to get everything graded and back to the students in a timely fashion.”  She goes on to say, “There is not one aspect of my paperwork life that I feel I have under control.  Classwork, homework, grading – you name it, and I am struggling.  If I don’t get my act together, I a not going to have anything to show parents when they come in for report card conferences.  Help!”

What suggestions might you make that would help a teacher in Mrs. Mayer’s situation have an easier time managing student work?


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