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Hello, I need help solving some questions using access for my accounting information systems class. I have created the database I could send the link for the dropbox it is stored. The questions are:

1. Who were the top 50 retail employees that worked for Smart-Buy? Report the city and state in which they worked, their hourly_rate, total number of hours worked, and marital status, in descending order based upon the number of hours worked.

2. Several employees believe that their paychecks were calculated incorrectly. Management has asked that you produce a report that shows all employees living in Oklahoma in the executive department that made more than $155,000 in the 3rd Quarter of 2018. Report the employee_id, last name, first name, department name, total gross salary. This report should be in alphabetical order from A – Z. 

3. Smart-Buy wants to understand how many periods their seasonal workers worked during the busy season (4th quarter). 

4. If smart-buy wants to relocate headquarters, where should they do this? HINT: It is easier to use at least 2 queries to answer this question. Take into consideration where the employees associated with headquarters (for example: accountants, IT workers, executives, and possibly others) currently live. Also consider the location of our most lucrative stores. Figure out how to provide a heatmap of the location of the most lucrative stores, however you can be creative and use other tools if you like.

 Thank you, Jorge 


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