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Write 6 pages with APA style on Marketing a New Product: Starbucks. With its aim to keep their customers entertained, Starbucks has remained successful in retaining its customers (Starbucks 2008 Fellner 2008, Goldstein & Behar 2007).

For a product to enter a new market it must have multiple uses and must be able to satisfy the needs of the markets in which it is entering. Moreover, the product itself must be so strong that it manages to create the need for itself and stimulate a whole new market, satisfying not only a given set of needs but also creating new ones and satisfying them too. Likewise, the markets of India remain untouched by Starbucks mainly because it might not have noticed that the need for such a place where people can sit back and relax over a cup of coffee and also enjoy various diversities, exist. The market of India is such that the majority of the population belongs to the Social Economy Class C, D and E. The existing fast food chains in both the markets such as McDonalds, K.F.C, Subway etc, are traditional restaurants which only tend to serve food and do not offer what Starbucks stores do worldwide. Indian markets, with an everMcDonald’sng population, give all the businesses an opportunity to expand their operations because of the increasing demand for every kind of commodity. Not only this Indian markets tend to prefer coffee over tea but some youngsters irrespective of their social economic class prefer spending on coffee rather than on other goods.


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