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Write a 7 pages paper on impact of age diversity. Specifically, these aspects will be examined in the context of the impact of age in the labor force and how this will affect the roles of the managers in the labor organizations as a recent study reported that by 2020, individuals of 50 years old and up will take up a third of the region’s workforce population. Article Analysis The age of the workers is recognized as a relevant determinant of their performance at work. Some employers prefer the old ones for their developed skills from experience, while the others choose the younger for their flexibility and other characteristics. Such assumptions have rooted from a number of research findings pointing out how workers of specific age ranges easily adapt to changes implemented in the work places (e.g., technology, roles and responsibilities, and etc.) while others can or do not (Morris &amp. Venkatesh, 2000. Morris, Venkatesh, &amp. Ackerman, 2005). Other studies also suggest that an employee’s age can tell employers his or her probable productivity rate. Specifically, groups of researchers have previously proposed that valuable attitudes and behaviors of the workers decline as one ages (Ferris, et al., 1985. McEvoy &amp. Cascio, 1989. Salthouse &amp. Babcock, 1991. Lawrence, 1988). others, on the other hand, cannot particularly point out concrete evidences of the existence of such relationships in “different age categories of employees” (Duncan &amp. Loretto, 2004).


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