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Read the close reading and answer the following questions 

Cause & Effect Article:

1.) Looking at the thesis: What is the cause and effect relationship in the article you choose? Moreover, is the article looking at multiple causes leading to one effect, or perhaps, multiple effects extending from one cause? (Explain in 3-4 sentences). 

2.) What “phrases of causation” does the author use to show the relationship between causes & Effects in your article?

3.) How did reading this article impact your understanding of the article’s topic? Moreover, were you moved in some way by the writing? Did you learn something new? Will you act differently upon reading this article? (Respond in 3-4 sentences minimum, but you can go longer if needed). 

Argument & Persuasion Article: 

https:// Summarize the central argument or opinion that the author is attempting to convey to their audience. What key ideas/examples/evidence does the author use to rationalize their argument? (this should be a 2-4 sentence response). 

2.) Does the author address counterarguments within their essay? If so, identify examples of this. How do they rebuttal against these counterpoints? (2-4 sentence response). 

3.) Can you identify any bias in their writing? Or, does the author come out and identify their bias? How does this impact the argument? (2-4 sentence response). 


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