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You will choose 5 of the following 10 questions. Be sure to indicate which question you are answering within your essay by putting the question number at the start of your answer.  Reread your work for clarity and be sure to put in good detail in your explanations.

  1. What is a definition of resilience and what is the difference between internal and external adaptation? Explain some of the resources that promote resilience.
  2. What does the term generativity mean and how is it seen in what is thought to be successful aging?
  3. What is positive youth development and discuss some examples of positive youth development programs.
  4. Differentiate Hedonism and Eudaimonia – Which is a better predictor of life satisfaction?
  5. What is subjective well-being and what is its link with marriage?
  6. According to David Myers, how can we increase happiness in our lives?
  7. What are the key aspects of resilience work as found in Blum’s work?
  8. What are the life effects of being positive as seen in the research about the nuns and their longevity and the yearbook pictures with the Duchenne smiles?
  9. Social interactions are greatly enhanced by having high social intelligence. What is social intelligence according to Salovoy and Mayer and how does it enhance social ability?
  10. What is the Socioemotional Selectivity Theory and how does it differentiate the abilities of youth verses aging individuals in understanding emotional experiences?


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