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Requirements: 3 to 5 pages, 12 point Times New Roman font, MLA paper heading and page numbers, 5 sources on Works Cited page, titleSet Up:A synthesis is taking resources that all discuss different aspects of the same subject and finding the connection between them. (The connection is NOT just the subject itself) It also can be a concept or concepts that YOU as the reader see and the authors from the resources may have missed. It is a discussion or argument that comes DIRECTLY from YOUR interpretation of the resources.Assignment: Students will construct a three to five-page synthesis research paper on one of the following topics: Energy drinks should be considered Class A drugs. The age where you should be considered an “adult” should be 21. How much technology integration is TOO much? Is there a federal law that is “outdated” in 2020? Is “cancel culture” TOO pervasive in today’s social culture?The thesis should reflect what STUDENTS have figured out once they have researched. Remember the working outline structure talked about in class for a road map for this paper.Pointers: Remember that your thesis needs to reflect your opinion on whichever topic you decide to do. You are not just re-explaining what has already been said. Your MLA for the entire paper will be graded, both in-text citations AND Works Cited. Synthesis is about finding patterns or commonalities within your resources. So what main topics do YOU see being brought up within what you are reading?ReplyForward


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