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In you study group individually research and post the answers on your group discussion board for these five questions by the due date. Then before the assignment closes, discuss your answers as a groups and submit one group paper containing a synthesis of the answers from members of your study group. Post only one group paper identifying your group number and the group members who participated in the assignment by posting individual information or summarizing posted information.

Using the information on this website  and your own sources answer the following questions individually and then as a group:

1. Research, find and summarize in two to three paragraphs the language of the Supreme Court cases of 1926 and 1948 related to restrictive covenants.

2. Research, find and summarize two to three paragraphs the language of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 related to restrictive covenants.

3. On the Department of labor website clearly explain the meaning of he areas shaded in pink.

4. What is your observation of the subdivisions in the Shoreline area?  What are some of the implications of this observation?

5. What law was passed in January of 2019 by the Washington State legislature?  What are some of the implications of this recent legislative action?

Racial Restrictive Covenants – University of Washington Labor Research (Links to an external site.)

Restrictive Covenants PowerPoint


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