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 name______________________ 1. TRUE or FALSE: Philosophy and religion / spirituality have historically always been understood as completely separate and entirely opposed to one another. 2. TRUE or FALSE: For many philosophers, doing philosophy is not merely a search for truth, but also a ‘spiritual quest.’ 3. TRUE or FALSE: According to the text: “To embrace a view because it is comfortable, familiar, and emotionally satisfying is to violate the spirit of philosophical inquiry, which asks us to believe for good reasons.” 4. TRUE or FALSE: Religion has been a powerful cultural force for both good and evil. 5. TRUE or FALSE: Beliefs about God are important, as they affect other beliefs one holds. 6. TRUE or FALSE: Philosophers pursue an ‘objective’ and ‘critical’ approach to religious questions. 7. TRUE or FALSE: Non-belief in God and non-allegiance to a specific religion are increasing in the U.S.A. 8. TRUE or FALSE: Galileo asserted that God gave human beings “sense, reason, and intellect” as “temptations / opportunities for sinful pride” and God desires that human beings NOT use these in acquiring beliefs. 9. TRUE or FALSE: People may have strong beliefs regarding ‘God’ but may have come to have these beliefs “accidentally.” 10. TRUE or FALSE: To judge the worth of religious claims we need the subjective stance and uncritical reasoning of philosophical enquiry. 11. TRUE or FALSE: The ‘way of the philosopher’ is to ask whether a religious belief is supported by good reasons.


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