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Write 1 page thesis on the topic relevance of dolls house to women in literature class. She is deeply concerned about the future of her children and they’re well being.

The sacrificial nature of women in a marriage relationship is clearly illustrated by Mrs. Linde and Nora Helmer which offers a good lesson to women. Nora had to commit a very serious crime of forging her father’s signature so as to provide money to take her ailing husband to Italy so that he would recover. Mrs. Linde had to be married to a man she didn’t love in her bid to generate funds in order to support her family which puts her at crossroads with Mr. Krogstad whom she truly loved. Submission in marriage is portrayed by Nora who seems totally submitted to her husband. However, it is evident that there is a thin line between submissions and to be taken advantage of and therefore the story calls for caution in approaching such issues in marriage.

It is worth noting that there are some mistakes that women need to be aware of in a marriage set up so that they do not cause disharmony in the family. Nora decides to keep the crime she committed as a top-secret that her husband was not to be made aware of. In the long run, the decision to disclose the matter to Mrs. Linde leads her into serious problems when her husband gets to know the truth. Through this incident, women in a literature class are able to learn the pit holes that should be avoided so as to have harmonious relationships in society.


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