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On the Discussion Board Forum that is linked, please provide 2-3 SHORT paragraphs that is an answer to the following situation.  (Make the assumption that you are living in the dormitory with other students.   In the Scenario, the term “Social Club” means a Fraternity, Sorority, Sports Team,  or other campus related organization.)

You are studying for your CDS-130 Final Exam with a group of friends living in your dorm who are also taking CDS-130.  In the course of studying, one of your friends pulls out a file from their “Social Club” which has your instructor’s Final Exam from a previous semester.  This seems odd to you since our instructor has told you that he/she DOES NOT give back Final Exams.  But anyway, there it is!  After looking at it, you realize that it is a copy of the Answer Key from last Semester.  You ask your friend where he got it and they answer something like:  

“My club has files on many courses in our club office.  I don’t know where this one came from, but I want to use it!  I have to get a good grade and this is free help.    I’m going to memorize all the answers so I get a good grade.  SO GET OFF MY CASE! ” 

So what do you do?  What should you do?  What is the RIGHT thing to do?  What does your GUT tell you to do?  What do you tell Dr. Lyver (or do you)?

Write one or two paragraphs to respond to the scenario.  If you have encountered this in the past, bring in that experience (leaving out names/places …  This is a tough one!


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