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For this paper you will continue the description and assessment of the chosen organization. At minimum, address these important descriptive and analytic questions, providing enough information to assure clarity:

·         Describe the organization from the perspective of its current (unclassified) IT operating technology infrastructure, or the IT technology it provides to its internal or external customers). Discuss its technology deployment, effectiveness, and contribution to organizational or customer success. Also discuss dominant IT strategies and tactics.

·         Discuss technological barriers to, as well as circumstances which may foster continued IT success and organizational contribution.

Assignment Expectations

Provide a very brief description of your intended improvement project. Please note that 95% of this paper should focus on the processes of planned change. Your discussion of the IT upgrade must primarily focus on your insight into and a viable process for bringing off this planned change. Provide details on what, how, and why each step you intend to take to ensure this project is accepted and gets accomplished. It is not enough to note that the project has senior approval. In both the military and corporate worlds, project implementation can be given lip service and never fully accepted.

The report should be single spaced, at least 5 pages, not including cover page and references. The reference should follow the APA 7 format.


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