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Write a 1 page paper on theory underlying concept maps and how to construct and use them. There are various features of the concept map that makes it ideal for using it in capturing knowledge and planning a map for an expert system.

A main characteristic of the concept map is that it employs hierarchy in representing the various concepts. The top of the map contains the general and most inclusive concepts and the less general and specific concepts are at the bottom of the map. Also, the concept map is best constructed with reference to a particular question known as the focus question (Novak & Canas, 2011). Therefore the hierarchical structure of the map depends not only on the knowledge domain but also on the context in which it is applied. Therefore it is very effective in capturing knowledge and to plan for an expert system.

The cross-links feature of the concept map is another vital feature that links the various concepts in the map. It helps to understand the relationship between the knowledge that is represented in the map (Novak & Canas, 2011). In capturing of knowledge it is vital to have continuity and link the various concepts. Also in an expert system, it is required to be able to trace the root of various concepts and how various concepts interact or related to each other. This is made possible by the concept. Therefore, a concept map is a very effective design technique but also extreme care must be taken in constructing the concept map.


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