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Select a deployment platform using appropriate criteria.


You are working as the cloud engineer for a health insurance firm. Your company releases more than 100 changes every week to the production environment. It often causes the employees to work over the weekend. It also increases the human hours due to the increase number of deployments. Your manager wants to resolve the large number of manual changes by automating the deployment process. This automation will also enable your company to release the functionality every day instead of every seven days. Your manager wants you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that she can share with other organizations within the company to obtain funding for this project.


Your presentation should include 15 slides:

Slide 1: Overview

Slide 2: Define continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment

Slide 3- Slide 5: Explain continuous integration pipelines and the details about every stage of the CI pipeline

Slide 6- Slide 7: Explain continuous delivery pipelines and the details about every stage of the CD pipeline

Slide 8- Slide 9: Continue the explanation of deployment of pipelines and details about every stage

Slide 10- Slide 11: Compare and contrast cloud deployment models

Slide 12- Slide 14: Bullet points on each slide listing cloud deployment goals

Slide 15: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources


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