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Need help with my writing homework on Inspiring Young People in Learning, Creativity, and Job Application. Write a 250 word paper answering; Everyone who gets interested in working with children and also young people should bear some qualities such as being ambitious, committed to partnership, and should be valued as professionals (Selter & Bentley 34). They should also be able to offer the best achievable support to make sure that all children together with young people are capable of achieving their full potential and ensuring that they are safe (Selter & Bentley 34).

The supporting staff in the workforce should come up with the skills and also behaviors required in working effectively with the young people, the parents, and children as well as with each other in positive ways that lead to achieving better outcomes (McWilliam 35). Those in the workforce should be skilled with knowledge on how to support young people who particularly are vulnerable inclusive of those who are looked after, those that are disabled and also with mental problems (McWilliam 45).

Through the various education stages, young people face increasing difficulties in securing gainful employment and also career opportunities. When we focus on the world today, most of the unemployed people globally are young people (McWilliam 25). The government should come up with solutions to solve this problem like generating links with the work foundation to employ young people (McWilliam 15).


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