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Gibney article:    https:// Morling, B. (2017). Research methods in psychology: Evaluating a world of information (3rd ed.). Norton.

InstructionsCreate a TimelineCreate a timeline in either Excel, Word, or PowerPoint that reviews ethical failures and other research misconduct, beginning with the Nazi Holocaust Experiments and ending with the Cambridge Analytica use of personal data. Be sure to include the following points on your timeline:

  1. Plot at least five historical cases of research that raised questions about professional ethics and conduct.
  2. For each point on your timeline, note the following:
  3. On a separate page, write a summary of the progression of ethical standards in research since the Nuremberg trials. Include the role of institutional review board (IRB) approval, and discuss the potential consequences of research misconduct. Finally, describe what ethical issues are emerging from the use of data collected on social media.

Note: For an example of how to submit the timeline in Excel, click  here . Your assignment will be at least four pages long, including a title page, the timeline page, a summary page, and a reference page.You must use at least the textbook and the article by Gibney from the unit’s required reading as sources for your timeline. The use of these and any additional sources must be documented through APA style, citations, and reference entries.


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